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January16th, 2006

Villages of Union Council: Batta Morri, Teh & Distt: Batgram (NWFP)


The purpose was to assess the needs and problems faced by the peoples of that area after the earthquake and to provide Relief and Rehabilitation items.


A three member Team of KLWT comprising of Mr. Zahid  Jamil Malik, Mr. Mansoob Khan & Mr. Kamran visited the villages of Union Council Batta Morri, Tehsil & District: Batgram (NWFP) from: 7 -8 January 2006.

District Batgram of NWFP is one of the worst hit areas in the massive Earthquake of Oct 08,2005. KLWT immediate send Food and relief items to that area on 10 Oct,2005. At that time the focus was on “Relief” in shape of Food & Medical Aid. Now as winter has arrived the people need shelters in that area. KLWT shelter program is designed to meet this need.   

KLWT received a request from the local community elders of that area. They need help in shape of relief items and shelter. KLWT team responded quickly & sends the relief items & Shelter for an initial10 of the most Vulnerable Families as a trial base. KLWT team met with the local community elders of the areas & learnt about their living environment & briefed them on how they can make their homes easily & according to the weather conditions.


Community of that area had suffered a lot because almost all houses & other property (Shops, shelter for livestock etc) were fully / partially damaged.

Being at higher altitude it is hard to reach the area and above all there is no proper road access .Houses are made at distances from each other due to mountainous terrain.

Therefore this area is under-served and people can not get relief easily. There were no other NGOs active in rehabilitation of this area.


There are around 25 villages with approximately 3000 house-holds comprising of 13,000 population (men, women and children). The main villages are Bhirrh Bala, Bhirrh, Buland Patti, Jozz, Summ Banda, Wallar Gutt, and Rajmera. These villages have limited infrastructure facilities as much was destroyed in the earthquake.


l0 Km from the main city of Batgram to Jaiswal village there is a metal road. 15 Km from Jaiswal to Summ Banda, a hilly jeepable track.


There are 3 Boys Primary Schools & 1 Boys Middle School.All schools are Government Schools. The School Buildings are fully / partially destroyed in the earthquake.


There is a Basic Health Unit (BHU) in village Rajmera, which is staffed by a Doctor and Dispenser). The BHU building was partially destroyed in earthquake.


Available in all villages.


Telephone cables etc are installed but are not in working condition since the Earthquake.

KLWT is working in the area and we have already provided 100 CGI sheets & Tool Kits to the people of Bhirrh Bala to make 10 shelters as a Trial. The team went to the village with  425 more sheets for 40 shelters and other goods including Toolkits, Sleeping bags, warm clothes etc. The people of that area were very happy as they got Relief goods & CGI sheets for Shelter. The local Population has appreciated the efforts made by the KLWT Team. 

KLWT took the trucks loaded with the goods to Jaiswal village, 10 Km ahead of Batgram city. From Jaiswal onward the goods have been moved by local jeeps. It is an hour and a half drive from Jaiswal to the last point where the jeeps can reach i.e. Village Summ Banda. The whole area was covered with snow and after off loading from the jeeps people took the sheets on their shoulders to their houses. The village of Bhirrh Bala is about 2 hours walking distance from the last point where the jeeps were off loaded. KLWT team visited the houses already made by the people and also some of the structures made by them.

KLWT Shelter Program is a community based program & people are participating with great enthusiasm. The people had already built 10 Houses from the initial delivery & they had confidence that KLWT will bring more CGI sheets for them and they can save their families from the severe winter weather.


Following is the list of Relief & Reconstruction items provided by KLWT in the 1st phase to 50 deserving and vulnerable families of Bhirrh Bala

Sr.No Description Quantity Unit Total Amount
1 CGI Sheets 525 1000 525000
2 Jackets (Adult) 60 500 30000
3 Jackets (Small) 10 350 3500
4 Jackets (Extra Small) 10 300 3000
5 Circular Saw (Electric) 1 5500 5500
6 Tool Kits 20 1200 24000
7 Tents 5 7000 17500
8 Steel Bucket 12 110 1320
9 Sleeping Bags 75 500 37500
10 Ladies Suits 30 350 10500
11 Gents Suits 60 350 21000
12 Children Suits 53 250 13250
13 Jackets 5 200 1000
14 Worm Clothes 40 200 8000
15 Khais  3 250 750
16 Rugs (Dariyan) 3 250 750
17 Shoes 10 200 2000
  Total     704570

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