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GGPS – Bhunja Construction
Progress till December 2007


KLWT started the School programme by the establishment of three transitional schools in May 2006 at village Sehri Bagh - Bhunja Valley, Union Council Kawai, Tehsil Balakot District Mansehra - NWFP.

This programme was initiated with an idea to provide quality education and basic facilities to the students of Government High School, Government Boys Primary School and Government Girls Primary School which were completely destroyed in October 2005 earthquake.

KLWT has signed an MoU with Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) to establish and reconstruct these schools. Local community was also taken into confidence in this matter.

Construction Plan:

The basic idea of earthquake resistant school was decided according to UNESCO earthquake resistant building designs. The design of the school consists of concrete foundations, three feet concrete walls adjoining five feet wooden walls, wooden structured triangle roof and corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) sheets roofing.

KLWT with the consent of local community first started the construction of Girls Primary School (GGPS).

Progress till December 2007:

KLWT started the construction work of Girls Primary School in June 2007. The school is designed to accommodate 200 students consist of Six class rooms and will cater for the students from nursery to class 5.There will be a staff room and head teacher room.

KLWT has managed to get the wood from the local owners of the forest. The local owners of the forest legally donated the required quantity of wood for the school construction.

KLWT employed local resources which include masons, carpenters and labour for the construction of the school. Construction machinery powered by diesel engines is also in use at site due to non availability of electricity.

Construction work started with laying of solid foundations and retaining walls for the whole school building. Afterward the Damp Proof Course, Concrete walls and pillars of the school were constructed. Floors and walls plastering was done to strengthen and better look of the building.

We have accounted for the snow and rains water drainage, for this purpose side and back passages were constructed. Two washrooms for the students and one for the school staff and boundary wall were also constructed.

The required wood was collected from the forest by cutting and transporting it to the KLWT field office. The workers cut the wood according to required size on diesel powered bend saw. Afterward carpenters with the help of labour constructed wooden structure according to the design of the school. After completing the wooden structure over the concrete walls the CGI sheets were installed over the roof.

Work in Progress:

Almost all the civil work is completed and now the carpenters are working on windows, doors and ventilators. After it wooden pilling on the walls, wooden celling and painting the whole school building will take place.

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