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Bhunja Visit Report (March 31 – April 2, 2006)

April 10th, 2006


The purpose of this visit was to assess the needs and requirements for the implementation of KLWT’s School Program. Meetings with local community members, head teachers and students of the schools in Village Sehri Bagh (Bhunja Valley), Union Council Kawai, Tehsil Balakot, District Mansehra (NWFP)-Pakistan were organized.


KLWT is very keen to re-start the schools of Bhunja Valley destroyed in the earthquake as early as possible so that the rehabilitation and healing process for the community can be initiated. In this connection KLWT team attend a meeting on March 04, 2006 comprising of Dr. Ayaz Khan, Zahid Jamil Malik and Dr. Col. Jamil Yusuf with the head teachers of Bhunja schools and community elders at Mansehra (NWFP) to discus the steps required to re-start schools as early as possible.

For this purpose it was decided to first start the schools in temporary tents and later on during the year re-construct the permanent schools. A donation of six (6) 40 ft x 20 ft Marquees jointly provided by

British International Rescue and search Dogs (BIRD) – UK,

Disaster Management Fund, Cardiff - UK and

SIAN Cymru, Wales – UK

which were air freighted to Pakistan by KLWT.

The utilization of the marquees, the number of students and classes per marquee, the location for their erection, the required logistics arrangement, etc were some of the many questions that needed clarification and were part of the objectives of this visit.

Following activities done by the KLWT team

>A five member team of KLWT comprising of Dr. Ayaz Khan, Zahid Jamil Malik, Dr. Col. Jamil Yusuf, Dr. Khan Nawab Khan and Maj® Jawad Khan visited Bhunja Valley from March 31 to April 2, 2006. Enroute there were several land slides which had once again blocked the road and the FWO workers were constantly clearing the Kaghan Highway. 

The KLWT team arrived at Faridabad (Kaghan Highway) and were warmly welcomed by Mr. Sajjad, Head Teacher of Boys Primary School – Bhunja and Community elders. 

The team tracked by foot from Faridabad to Sehri Bagh along the damaged link road. The luggage was transported by animal transport (donkey) as the link road was damaged in the October earthquake and there were further land slides after the snows had melt and recent heavy rains.

Upon arrival at Village Sehri Bagh the team was warmly welcomed by the community members, school teachers, staff and students.

The team visited all four schools and BHU (Basic Health Unit) destroyed in the earthquake. With the help and participation of the local community the specified area was measured and a drawing of the area made.

Dr. Khan Nawab Khan from SIAN Cymru-UK witnessed and filmed the activities on behalf of BBC-Wales.

Observation & Recommendation:

  • To start schools immediately and provision of teaching and student materials.
  • Removal of destroyed buildings of school and BHU rubble and clearing the ground to erect Marquee tents on flat land.
  • Need of tents for teachers and staff residence of the schools.
  • Special logistic arrangement required to transport the marquees from Faridabad to Sehri Bagh.
  • Re-establishment of the Faridabad link road, if timely construction of the schools is to be expected.
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