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Bhunja Visit Report (October 15 – 23 October, 2007)

KLWT invited Mr. GAVIN LEE ALLEN and MS.GERALDINE FRANCES HOLT (Journalists from South Wales Echo, Cardiff – UK) to visit and asses the progress on KLWT programmes for earthquake effected areas in District Mansehra – NWFP.

KLWT has arranged different meetings with the local community members, NGOs and different Government departments.

A briefing was given by the Program Director to the journalist regarding KLWT projects and programmes for the earthquake effecties at KLWT Head Office in Islamabad.

On 17th October, 2007 the journalists with the Project Coordinator left Islamabad for Bhunja Valley to visit School Programme. KLWT running three transitional schools at Bhunja Valley, Union Council Kawai, Tehsil Balakot, District Mansehra – NWFP. KLWT also constructing permanent buildings for these schools.

The journalists also visited Wood Working Centre operated by Sarhad Industrial Board (SIDB) at Mansehra. KLWT purchased furniture for Bhunja School from this centre in May 2006.

On 18th October, 2007 the journalists visited High School, Boys Primary School and Girls Primary school at Bhunja. They attended the schools assembly. The schools are operated in tents since May 2006 by KLWT.

The students and teachers welcomed the guests and arranged school programs in all three schools. KLWT staff introduced the journalists from South Wales Echo, Cardiff – UK with all the students and teachers. They visited all the classes and have conversation with teachers and students. They distributed note books, pens and sweets among the students. They also interviewed the school teachers and students

Journalists also visited the site for Girls Primary School at Bhunja where the construction is in progress. The construction work at school was in full pace and highly appreciated by them. They also visited many hamlets of the valley and met with local community to discuss the problems they are facing after the earthquake.

On 19th October, 2007 KLWT arranged a Community Coordination meeting at Field Office, Bhunja to discuss the rehabilitation and reconstruction work in progress in Bhunja valley. The community elders and representative of different NGOs participated in the said meeting. Journalists also exchanged their views with the participants of the meeting.

Journalists also visited Shugran, Siri, Paya, Kaghan, Naran, Lake Saif-ul-maluk, Batta Kundi and JalKahad. These areas are rich in natural beauty and tourists from all over the world visiting here every year. They enjoyed the places and Pakistani food.

On 23rd October, 2007 the journalist leave Bhunja valley for Mansehra and Islamabad. In Mansehra they met with District Coordination Officer and exchange their views on rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts by the Government and NGOs in District Mansehra.

On 24th October, 2007 the Journalist completed their visit.

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