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April 25th, 2006

  Coordination Meeting

A comprehensive reconstruction plan was discussed in the coordination meeting of KLWT. In this the establishment and all related issues of Government High School, Government Boys Primary School and Government Girls Primary School and Basic Health Unit in village Sehri Bagh, Bhunja Valley Union Council Kawai, Tehsil Balakot District Mansehra, NWFP-Pakistan, were deliberated upon.

The meeting was headed by Dr. Ayaz Khan and attended by:

  • Zahid Jamil Malik, Project coordinator
  • Dr. Col. Jamil Yusuf,>
  • Ali Haider Shaheen, Head Teacher, Government High School, Bhunja
  • Malik Maskeen, Senior Teacher
  • Sajjad Ahmad, Head Teacher, Government Boys School, Bhunja
  • KLWT Volunteers
  • Bhunja Community elders

Agenda of the meeting:

  1. Removal of rubble of destroyed schools.
  2. Selection of site and lay out to errect the marquees (Tents)
  3. Volunteers movement to Bhunja for errection of the marquees
  4. Monitoring team visit to Bhunja
  5. Shipment of necessary items to Bhunja by helicopter through UNJLC.
  6. Future plans.

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