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KLWT IDPs Relief
Donation made to DHQ hospital 

Thursday December 15th, 2005

Following our previous meeting held on 30th October 2005 to decide on future KLWT plans, and based on the meeting with the District Headquarter (DHQ) hospital authorities, it was decided that KLWT has to make some effort and contribution to alleviate the suffering of paraplegic earthquake victims admitted at DHQ Hospital, Rawalpindi.

As part of KLWT commitment to DHQ Hospital and the role which KLWT is playing in the rehabilitation phase of the earthquake relief activities, KLWT delivered the different items requested by the hospital authorities, these equipments include woollen blankets, bed sheets, screen separators to make separate section with in the ward, ripple mattresses for the paraplegic patients, metallic buckets use for ward cleaning and also some artery forceps which will be used in operation theatre. 

KLWT team visited the ward and delivered the goods to the hospital authorities. All items were counted and verified by the doctors and the stores coordinator of the hospital. There were around 90 paraplegic patients and by talking to the team of doctors we came to know that five of the patients start walking on their own and there are several other patients who are on physiotherapy and doctors are very hopeful about them.

KLWT team visited the hospital and had discussion with different patients. The hospital authorities are doing their utmost to provide treatment to these people and for that matter they need help and support from the local community. Once all the goods have been counted and checked, the KLWT team left the hospital with the hope that our small contribution will try to help the hospital authorities to perform their duties more effectively and efficiently.

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