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KLWT IDPs Relief

The road in the Kaghan Valley beyond Kawai has been blocked since 8 Oct. Based upon inputs received from the local Nazim of the Kaghan Valley (Mr Junaid Qassim – Nazim Balakot), the Pakistan Army was tasked to prepare for a huge influx of Kaghani Earthquake survivors who would flock down to seek relief and shelter once the Kaghan Valley Road was opened to any form of traffic. Large flat patches of land, ideal for the setting up of tented villages, are scarce in the narrow mountainous valleys. Hence, a site was identified at Jabba, 5Km ahead of Athar Sheesha and 16Km short of Balakot. The land is Government property and falls under the NWFP Government’s Jabba Fisheries project

A final KLWT need assessment team comprising of Mr. Jawad Khan & Dr Ayaz Khan was undertaken on 2 Nov to evaluate the suitability of the site including other related matters. Furthermore, after our experience at the Jalalabad Park tented community in Muzzafarabad, it was clear to us that proper sanitation facilities, access to clean drinking water, proper administrative control, provision of basic health care, etc. were mandatory pre-requisites for any tented village that KLWT would contribute to.
After meeting with Brig Ulfat (CC Log, 1 Corps) in Mansehra and further meetings with Brig Khattak (Brigade Commander 107 Brigade) in Showal and Lt Col Atif (CO, 21 Horse & Bessian Tented Village) in Bessian, we visited the Jabba Farms site. We were informed that the Jabba Tented Village would not only be a Model tented village but also the largest tented village in the area. It would primarily cater for the earthquake survivors from Kaghan Valley. After obtaining details of the planned layout and information on the other participating NGOs (UNHCR, Unicef, OXFAM, Medicin du Monde), from the responsible officer on ground (Maj Salman), we decided that based upon the information we had been provided, participating in the Jabba Tented Village would be a worthwhile contribution towards the relief effort and was in keeping with our requirements.  We had a detail inspection of the physical site where our tents would be pitched and were satisfied with the groundwork being done.
On night 2 / 3 Nov, 20 of KLWT relief volunteers got the tents marked and packed at the KLWT relief centre in Islamabad. Transportation was arranged for the immediate delivery of the tents. The 250 tents were marked, packed and loaded overnight so that the convoy could leave at dawn for Jabba before the start of Eid ul Fitr holidays.  Dr Khan Nawab Khan from UK accompanied the delivery trucks to Jabba.
The tents were delivered to the army representatives of Jabba Tent village, Maj Saparas, Maj Shiraz and Lt Hamza. 
Jabba tent village was again visited on 9 Nov by a team of 3 KLWT volunteers to check and assess the overall living condition. Following observations were noted:

  1. The tent village had improved medical and sanitation facilities.
  2. The overall layout of the tent village was improved which included making a play area for children.
  3. The tent village had capacity to house over 400 families and this could be enhanced if required.
  4. The overall organization and management of the camp was entirely to the satisfaction of all NGOs working in the camp including UN,OXFAM and Medicin du Monde.

KLWT team extend their deepest thanks to all who contributed in their own ways and helped us in achieving our mission of providing tents before Eid ul Fitr!
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