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May 4th, 2006


On May 4th 2006 two members team comprising of Zahid Jamil Malik, Project Coordinator, KLWT and Mr. Kamran Bhatti left Islamabad to start the activities for the establishment of High School, Boys Primary School and Girls Primary School in village Sehri Bagh, Bhunja Valley.

The team arrived at Sehri Bagh at 1500 hrs and was given a warm welcome by the school staff, children and community elders.  The main task of the team was to organize the clearance of the rubble of the destroyed schools.  This was important as a preliminary step to errect the marquees donated by BIRD, SIAM Cymru, DMF and Welsh people.  For this purpose, a labour force comprising of both local and outsiders was organized.  This turned out to be a very emotional experience for all as children’s note books, textbooks and uniform items were recovered from under the rubble.

KLWT Volunteers 1st Visit (Marquees Errection)

  • KLWT Volunteers Team comprising of 10 members under Dr. Ayaz Khan left Islamabad for Bhunja on May 12th 2006. The purpose of this visit was to errect the marquees on specific sites cleared of rubble.  Team arrived at Sehri Bagh at 1600 hrs.
  • On Saturday May 13th the team started to assemble/errect the marquees.  At the end of the day, the team had successfully assembled 3 marquees.
  • Concurrently, Dr. Ayaz Khan and Zahid Jamil Malik met the school students, teachers and community members to discuss the future plans and all issues related to the establishment of schools.  Dr. Ayaz Khan also medically examined some patients.
  • On May 14th the team errected 4 marquees on the specific site for High and Primary Schools. 
  • The team of volunteers also visited the surrounding areas and met the students, teachers and community members and briefed them about the KLWT school programme.
  • The volunteers, on completing their task, left for Islamabad in two groups on 14th and 15th May 2006.
  • Zahid Jamil Malik and Abdul Rauf stayed at Bhunja to monitor and implement future activities related to the project.


The errection of the marquees entailed many steps.  These steps included pre-errection, during errection and post errection activities, which needed coordination and supervision.  Additionally, some administrative and logistical activities were also required to be undertaken.  The details and corollary of there activities are as follows:

Monitoring of rubble removal to clear the ground and preparation of wooden foundation for the structure to errect the marquees.

  1. Tentage residence and kitchen for the field staff, Bhunja.
  2. Various meetings with school staff, BHU staff, Government officials of District Education and Health Department and other NGOs officials working in Bhunja Valley to include IOM, ACTED, 3R and MOM. 
  3. On May 7th and 8th 2006 KLWT transported the marquees and other necessary items by helicopter of UNJLC to Bhunja from Muzaffarabad.  KLWT volunteer Mr. Zeeshan accompanied the goods to Bhunja in the flight. Zahid Jamil Malik, Kamran Bhatti, Head Teachers of the schools and community members and children of Bhunja welcomed the crew of UNJLC helicopter and thanked them for their assistance. 
  4. Project Coordinator, Mr. Zahid Jamil Malik after having done the preliminary work related to the errection of marquees left Bhunja for Islamabad on 21st May.  The purpose was to purchase other necessary items and arrange their transportation through UNJLC helicopter for Bhunja.  The items included:
  • Flooring and partition inside marquees.
  • Schools partitions.
  • CGI Sheets for KLWT field office and school staff residence including kitchen, bathrooms, store etc.
  • Steel cabinets for school and offices etc.
On 25th May 2006 these items were moved by truck from KLWT Islamabad office to Muzaffarabad and in-coordination with UNJLC delivered by helicopter to village Sehri Bagh.

KLWT Volunteers Visit Bhunja to Errect

A team of volunteers comprising 3 members visited Bhunja on request of Mr. Zahid Jamil Malik.  The purpose of this visit was to accomplish the errection of remaining 2 marquees including internal partitioning and ground flooring for High School and Primary School in village Sehri Bagh, Bhunja.

On 3rd June 2006, Project Director Dr. Ayaz Khan, alongwith Dr. Col. Jamil Yusuf and two volunteers Mr. Bilal Khan and Mr. Farhan visited Bhunja Vally.

On the same day, the opening ceremony of schools in marquees was organised by teachers, students and community members.  This ceremony started with recitation from Holy Quran followed with prayers for better future of the new generation of the Bhunja Valley. 

On 4th June 2006 a comprehensive meeting was arranged by the staff and volunteers of KLWT, teachers and community members. Many issues related to the future planning of the project were discussed. 

On 5th June 2006 Dr. Ayaz Khan and Zahid Jamil Malik attended following meetings at Mansehra:- 

  • National Commission for Human Development (NCHD).
  • Executive District Officer (Education).

On the same day the team visited SIDB, Wood Working Centre, Mansehra. The purpose of this visit was to purchase the furniture for schools.  KLWT ordered 100 Desks and 100 Benches for Primary School.   

On 10th June 2006 two volunteers from Edinburgh University, Mr. Adil Saleem (student of Electrical Engineering) and Mr. Sam (student of Neurobiology) visited Bhunja.  The purpose of this visit was to assist KLWT staff and interact with students of Bhunja schools.  During this visit the volunteers also made the sketch of the whole area, which would assist in working the architectural aspects of the project.

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