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Last Updated : 17th  April  2006

26th November
  • 8 metric tons of goods, occupying 80 cubic meters, loaded and dispatched to Chaklala Air Base for onward dispatch to Bhunja – Kaghan Valley. (View Detail )
20th November
  • Dr. Jamil bridged communication and working environment between the Army and locals.  Owners of water mills were met with and encouraged to repair and re-start their watermills to lessen the food shortage prevailing in the area.
  • Trekked down from Bhunja (Seri Bagh) to Faridabad as no helicopter was available.  Returned to Balakot by jeep for onward return to Islamabad. (total travel time 11 hours)
18th November
  • Milk and juice cartons donated to affected children relief centre managed by Women Aid Trust in Islamabad.
  • Market survey of prices and availability of CGI (Corrugated Galvanized Iron) sheets conducted in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi market.
  • Packages of milk and juices donated to Women’s Aid Trust, Islamabad a center for Earthquake Children Survivors.  Most residents are patients who have been discharged from local hospitals but need further rehabilitation before returning to their native homes.
  • KLWT staff visited Jabba Tented Village and met with inhabitants of KLWT tents.  Inspection of other related facilities (sanitation, drinking water, school, primary healthcare, etc) was also made and found to be satisfactory.
  • Dr. Ayaz Khan-Project Coordinator and Dr. Jamil Yousuf, dropped by helicopter at Bhaunja (Kaghan Valley)  from Balakot for a Need Assessment visit.
  • Initial survey done at Bhunja and contact with locals and Army established.
15th November
Meeting held with potential donors interested in sponsoring orphans and widows on a monthly basis.
14th November 2005
  • Dr Ayaz Khan had a detailed meeting with Mr. Afzal of Jared village, Kaghan Valley in order to assess the relief operations from a local's perspective. Many important aspects were brought to light.
13th November 2005
  • Dr Ayaz Khan established contact with Dr. Jamil Yusuf of Bhunja for coordinating relief operations in Kaghan Valley.
  • Some toolkits, blankets and jackets were handed over to residents of Jabbar Village and Sudhan Gali in Bagh.
  • Army unit ‘16 Baloch’, responsible for Kaghan valley was contacted in order to gain information related to routes, weather, tented village and other relief operations issues.
30th October 2005
An informal meeting with some colleagues and volunteer workers was held at the residence of Dr Ayaz Khan. Many important issues including future plans, shelters, medical requirements in main Rawalpindi / Islamabad hospitals; and condition of routes to affected areas was discussed.
26-28th October 2005
A need assessment trip was undertaken by Dr Ayaz Khan and Mansoob ur Rehman to Muzaffarabad, Garhi Habibullah, Balakot and Mansehra. The focus of this trip was to identify future needs both in and out of tented villages
22nd of Oct 2005
Food Items, Tents, Clothing and quilts delivered to village Dhaman Jhol Muzaffarabad.Medicines and Medical equipment delivered to Muzaffarabad Medical Camp
20th of Oct 2005
19th of Oct 2005
  • Medicines and medical equipment delivered to Muzaffarabad. (View Detail)
  • Food items, quilts and blankets delivered to Islamic Relief organization in islamabad(View Detail)
  • Food items and Medical Items delivered to PIMS, Islamabad  (View Detail)
18th of Oct 2005
14th of Oct 2005
Delivery to Bagh of provisions. The delivery was made in Bhirpani and Jabar in the first ever civilian truck in that area. The delivery included tents, beddings, quilts and food. The material was delivered through the army. During this visit residents of village Jabbar were also visited after sunset in order to understand the difficulties of spending a night under an open sky.
13th of Oct 2005
Delivery to Balakot of provisions containing tents, quilts and food.
12th of Oct 2005
On the way back from Muzaffarabad, Garhi Habib Ullah and Balakot were visited and the responsible Headquarters of the Army were visited. These visits proved very useful in planning our future despatches to these areas.
11th of Oct 2005
On 11 Oct 2005, a convoy of two vehicles left for Muzaffarabad via Murree-Kohala Road. The aim of this despatch was to carry out reconnaissance and gain information about the requirement of Muzaffarabad and surrounding areas. The convoy camped in Jalalabad, a colony within Muzaffarabad and established contact with military administration besides carrying out a physical survey of the city. Dr Sajid and Dr Ayaz went around one of the affectee camps and attended to some of the patients.
10th of Oct 2005
KLWT responded to the call of the earthquake-affected areas by sending the first despatch of relief goods on 10 Oct 2005. In this a convoy of four vehicles was taken to Batgram and surrounding areas. The relief package included items of dried food including pulses, tea, sugar, cooking oil, matchbox etc. Additionally, two doctors also accompanied the convoy with requisite medicines. Necessary coordination was carried out with local elders and the Army representatives for follow up actions if deemed necessary in Mansehra District.
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