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Last Updated : 17th  sept  2007

August 30, 2007
Trust for Voluntary Organization (TVO) started its “Health & Hygiene Promotion Program” in KLWT transitional schools at Bhunja.
June 30, 2007
KLWT’s Project Coordinator and members of Bhunja Rabita Committee participated in the annual result announcement ceremonies held at GHS, GBPS and GGPS – Bhunja on 30th June 2007. KLWT also distributed gifts amongst the position holders in all classes in each school.
June 15, 2007
KLWT started the construction work of Govt: Girls Primary School – Bhunja. KLWT is establishing a Girls Primary School for 200 children having six class rooms with separate rooms for the head teacher and staff with watsan facilities.
May 31, 2007
KLWT start its reconstruction phase after the rubble clearance from the site of the three schools and BHU at Bhunja. For this purpose a comprehensive site plan along with layouts and drawings of the buildings were prepared. The plan was discussed in a meeting with the Bhunja Rabita Committee (BRC). In the meeting the owners of the Guzara forest (Bhunja Valley) decided that they will donate/ gift the required timber used for the reconstruction of these buildings.
April 22, 2007
A team comprising of five volunteers left Islamabad for Bhunja on 20th April 2007 and set up transitional arrangement for GHS, GBPS and GGPS – Bhunja in Unicef provided tents and a Marquee.
December 05, 2006
With the start of winter season and heavy snow fall on 3rd December 2006, KLWT’s management with the consent of Parent Teacher Association and Bhunja Rabita Committee decided to close the schools. This heavy snowfall also damaged the Marquees provided by BIRD, SIAN Cymru, Disaster Management Fund – Cardiff -UK and winterized tents provided by UNICEF. All the furniture, fixture and other school items were moved to the KLWT field office at Bhunja till the re-opening of schools.
November 18, 2006
KLWT distributed jackets amongst the students of GHS, GBPS, GGPS – Bhunja with the start of winter season. This distribution was made through Bhunja Rabita committee (BRC). On the request of BRC the jackets were also distributed amongst the students of a private school “International Public school – Bhunja” by KLWT.
November 15 -16, 2006
A two member team of International Rescue Committee (IRC – Recovery Response Unit) – Mansehra visited the KLWT transitional schools at Bhunja. This was Need Assessment visit for future collaboration with KLWT in rehabilitating the earthquake affected community of the Bhunja valley. Team met with project staff and local community members and collected the relevant information.
November 14, 2006
International Rescue Committee (IRC – Recovery Response Unit) – Mansehra donated the recreational items for the playground of schools at Bhunja.
October 17, 2006
International Rescue Committee (IRC – Recovery Response Unit) – Mansehra donated the study material and educational kits for the schools at Bhunja.
October 10, 2006
KLWT in coordination with Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Programme – ERP provided the transitional water & sanitation facilities to the schools at Bhunja
October 07, 2006
KLWT staff and volunteers arrange a community meeting with local elders of Bhunja. The main objective was to discuss future planning for the reconstruction and support from the local community. In this meeting a committee was formed for future coordination. In this Commitee a representative from each village and each school were given membership. The name “Bhunja Rabita Commitee” was decided in this meeting.
7th Feb 2006
KLWT donated CGI sheets and cash to a deserving family of village Mung,Tehsil Palandri (Azad Kashmir) (View Detail)
5th Feb 2006
KLWT team distributed Relief items and CGI sheets for shelter in village wallarr Gutt (View Detail)
8th Jan 2006
KLWT Team Visited & Distributed the Following Items in Village Bhirr Bala (Batgram) NWFP (View Detail)
6th Jan 2006
KLWT Recieved A letter of Apriciation From DHQ Rawalpindi  
30th December
A truck loaded of following items to Village Bhirr Bala (Batgram) NWFP.   (View Detail)
20th December
10 CGI Sheets were sent to a Voulnerable of a mansehra.
15th December
  • 100 woolen Blankets, 100 Bed Sheets and different medical supplies donated to District Headquarter (DHQ) Hospital to support the admitted earthquake victims.  (View Detail)
  • A truck Load of warm cloths (Children, Ladies and Gents) sleeping bags and CGI Sheets sent to Jawa Village AJK. (View Detail)
8th December
  • Another shipment of 40 tents sent to Nauseri Neelum Valley AJK to provide shelter to the of earthquake.
  • 20 CGI sheets have been sent to Mansehra NWFP.
7th December
A truck load of warm cloths for children, ladies and gents and 15 tents sent to Jawa Village in Kashmir. (View Detail)
2nd December
A truck load of quilts jackets, and sleeping sent to Jabba Tented Village to provide some protection to the people victims of the area from harsh winter. (View Detail )
1st December
55 Tents have been sent to Neelum Valley, which has been  air lifted from Chaklala Air base to Nauseri Neelum Valley AJK.
28th November
2 Chinook helicopters, containing relief and rehabilitation goods including following items sent to Bhunja valley:
  • Food packages
  • Wheat Flour
  • Ghee
  • Jackets
  • Blankets
  • Reconstruction Tool Kits
  • Medicines
  • CGI Sheets (View Detail)
27th November
  • 2 truck loads of goods loaded onto helicopters to Bhunja (the flight did not leave for Bhunja due to bad weather).
  • 239 blankets dispatched to Jaba Tented village, District Balakot.
  • 30 Tents, 40 Blankets & 12 Buckets sent to Village Java, Tehsil Garhi Dupatta, District Muzzafarabad
24th November
  • 30 Tents, 100 Jackets & 12 Toolkits sent to villages around Komi Kot and Gail (District Muzzafarabad) for people in desperate situation.
  • 150 shelter self build/repair toolkits delivered to 21 Sind Regiment for distribution in Jabbar, Darra and surrounding villages in Bagh District.
22nd November
  • 100 children jackets donated to Dr. Asma Hassan of USA working at the Hassa Tented Village near Balakot for distribution to deserving children in Hassa and surrounding villages.
  •  Tents, jackets and blankets sent to village Bafa in Mansehra District. 
21st November
  • Jawad Khan & Ayaz Khan attended I.O.M. Shelter Cluster meeting in Mansehra for further information of the situation in different areas and coordination of Chinook helicopter for delivery to Bhunja through UNJLC.
  • Substantial  supplies of rations, medicines and a couple of stretchers donated to Melody Rehab Centre Islamabad.  This is a center for women only, many of whom have Spinal injuries.
18th November
  • Market survey of prices and availability of CGI (Corrugated Galvanized Iron) sheets conducted in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi market.
  • KLWT staff visited Jabba Tented Village and met with inhabitants of KLWT tents.  Inspection of other related facilities (sanitation, drinking water, school, primary healthcare, etc) was also made and found to be satisfactory.
16th November
  • Follow up discussions held with Dr. Hammad on problems related with the mass production of a cost effective dielectric replacement of CGI (Corrugated Galvanized Iron) sheets.
  • Coordination held with overseas donors for the bulk supply of reconstruction materials especially CGI roofing sheets and shelter repair self build tool kits.
14th November 2005
  • Dr Ayaz Khan had a detailed meeting with Mr. Afzal of Jared village, Kaghan Valley in order to assess the relief operations from a local's perspective. Many important aspects were brought to light.
  • A quantity of tool kits, blankets, jackets, tents and food rations were handed over to residents of  village Komi Kot, Ghari Dupatta.
12th November 2005
  • Dr Ayaz Khan and Jawad Khan had a meeting with Dr Suleman and Dr Hammad to assess the feasibility of introducing a replacement of CGI (Corrugated Galvanized Iron) sheets for construction purposes. Shelters (Mr Shahid, please give this as link to the original document)
  • 250 tents were transported from Lahore to KLWT storage in Islamabad.
  • Substantial number of tool kits were purchased from wholesale dealers; 8 KLWT volunteer staff repacked these into individual sets ready for delivery.
11th November
Dr Ayaz Khan and Bilal Haque attended an IOM (International Organisation of Migration) meeting at Mansehra of all NGOs and relief workers active in NWFP. The meeting was very useful as it provided a platform for all to streamline and coordinate relief efforts. Mrs. Mary Guidice, (Shelter Cluster Coordinator), was assured of all help and information gathered by KLWT since 8 Oct.
10th November
Based on the Need Assessment Report, 150 sets of toolkits have been purchased to help the residents of affected areas in rebuilding their houses. Toolkits (Mr Shahid, please give this as link to the original document)
9th November 2005
  • Mrs. Mary Guidice (Shelter Cluster Coordinator) was contacted on the request of Mr. Gilbert Greener (OCHA) and offered all possible assistance from KLWT.
6-8 November 2005
A team of 3 KLWT volunteers (Dr Khan Nawab, Dr Ayaz Khan and Jawad Khan) visited Bagh, Suddhan Gali,Muzaffarabad,Mansehra and Jabba Tent village. This was a need assessment visit in which for the first time the route linking Bagh valley with Jhelum Valley was used after its recent opening. Latest Assessment Report
5th November 2005
‘21 Sind’, the Army unit responsible for Sudhan Gali, was contacted by telephone from which the required information and feedback about weather, reconstruction and tented village was attained by Dr Ayaz Khan.
4th November 2005
25O tents are delivered to Jabba village under Dr Ayaz and Dr Khan Nawab. This was done a day prior to Eid Ul Fitr (a Muslim holiday) to ensure some affectees could at least spend their Eid under shelter. Jabba Tented Village
3rd November 2005
A need assessment trip was undertaken by Dr Ayaz, Jawad and Hamad Khan to Balakot and Mansehra.The focus of this visit was to identify the need of tents in order to deliver 250 KLWT tents. Established tented villages of Balakot and Jabba were visited. The Army HQ dealing with tented villages was also visited. Here meetings with Brigadier Ulfat, UN and IOM officials were held. These meetings and visit helped the team in coordinating and finalizing the tents delivery.
  • 250 tents were transported from Lahore to KLWT storage in Islamabad.
  • KLWT volunteers prepare 250 tents for ensuring pre Eid Ul Fitr (a Muslim holiday) delivery. This was made possible only through dedication, motivation and untiring work by all volunteers.
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