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KLWT IDPs Relief
Donations in the shape of Goods:

Medical Supplies Received Valuing 1,110,000 Pak Rupees
(US$ 18,500)
(Details of Medical Supplies)
General Supplies Received Valuing 1,829,939 Pak Rupees
(US$ 30,499)
(Details of Relief Goods)

Donations in the shape of Cash:
Cash Donations Received 14, 000, 000 Pak Rupees (US$ 233, 333) (Names of Donors)
A complete list of donations and supplies received and expensed is available upon request

Items directly purchased with donations received
850 Tents to provide shelter for 6800 people View Design of Supplied Tent
10,000 Kg of Food Provisions
2000 Quilts / Blankets
2500 Jackets
350 Basic shelter self-build/repair Toolkits
1950 Corrugated Galvanized Iron Sheets for 195 shelters.
Medicines worth Rs 185, 000

Major contributions have been received from the following organisation:
  • SIAN Cymru (South Asian Earthquake Immediate Action Network Cymru) - Wales - UK
  • British International Rescue & Search Dogs (BIRD) - UK.
  • Disaster Management Fund, Cardiff - UK.
  • RMC (Rawalpindi Medical College) Alumni - UK
  • The Management and Staff of Samin Textiles - Lahore
  • The Management and Staff of Saltec Powerlink- Karachi
  • The Management and Staff of Pakistan Baggages - Rawalpindi
  • The Management and Staff of Interactive Communications - Islamabad
  • The Management and Staff of Makkays - Islamabad
  • The Managements Staff and students of The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS), Islamabad.
  • The Staff of Ericsson Pakistan – Islamabad
  • Maher Entertainment Ltd (Tall Trees) - UK
  • Children of Islamic Nations (COIN) - Canada
  • Bayer Inc. - Canada
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