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Personal Experiences:

Article Author Date Posted
The Amputation of Hope
or Hand
Mr. Jawad Khan (Need Assessment Team Leader) 13/10/2005
Quake Impressions Mr. Bilal Abdul Haque (Relief Volunteer
and Fund Raiser Islamabad)
What Can One Say Dr. Ayaz Khan (Project Co-ordinator) 14/10/2005
Devastating Earthquake Mansoob Khan (Relief Volunteer) 14/10/2005
First Blood Dr. Sajid Yusuf Saraf (Relief Volunteer Doctor) 21/10/2005
The Clock that Did Not Stop Mr. Jawad Khan (Need Assessment Team Leader) 21/10/2005
Brotherhood Mansoob Khan (Relief Volunteer) 21/10/2005
Through a volunteer's hand Khan Imran Khan (Relief Volunteer) 22/10/2005
The Pakistani Nation Mr. Bilal Abdul Haque (Relief Volunteer
and Fund Raiser Islamabad)
The Experience From Wales Dr. Tayyeb Tahir (Fund Raiser - UK) 24/10/2005
The Perspective From
Saudi Arabia
Dr. Sami Ullah Khan (KLWT Fund Raiser -
Saudi Arabia)
Away From Home Anushay Shahid Mahmud (Student in Sharjah -
A Measure of Grief Ms Aleena Khan (Student and Relief Volunteer) 25/10/2005
Distant in Canada Zoya Zaeem (Student in Edmunton - Canada) 28/10/2005
A New Beginning Dr Sajid Yusuf Saraf (Volunteer Relief Doctor) 28/10/2005
Random Musings of an Army
Maj Dr Sohail Muzammil (An Army Doctor) 11/11/2005
Autumn 05 Dr Uzma Naeem (RMC) - UK 30/11/2005
Adil's Report Adil Saleem (Student in Edinburg University) 05/05/2006
Sam's Report Sam Gibsons Frendo ( Student in Edinburg Unviersity ) 05/05/2006
Prayers of Children, "Rab-e-Zidni Elma Ejaz Ali (A volunteer) 15/6/2006
In their Words  Shahzeb Khan( Newton-lee Elementry, Fifth Grade)  10/02/2007
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