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KLWT IDPs Relief
School Activity Report Jan - June 2007
KLWT School Programme
Activity Report Jan – June 2007

KLWT is working on various rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in the earthquake affected areas for the local community.

KLWT started rehabilitation efforts especially in the education sector by starting the establishment of three transitional schools in May last year. This programme was initiated with an idea to provide quality education and basic facilities to the students of Government High School, Government Boys Primary School and Government Girls Primary School at village Sehri Bagh - Bhunja Valley, Union Council Kawai, Tehsil Balakot, District Mansehra - NWFP.

KLWT has signed an MoU with Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) to establish and reconstruct these schools.

Transitional Schools:

Due to heavy snowfall, rains and continuous land slides in winter (Dec 2006 – March 2007), all the roads approaching the valley were closed. The heavy snowfall and bad weather seriously damaged the transitional structure of the schools.

These transitional schools restarted their activities in the mid of March 2007 without having adequate resources and transitional structure. All the educational activities were taken place in open air.

KLWT increased its efforts to arrange winterized tents and finally acquired seven tents from UNICEF, Abbotabad office. These tents were then transported to Village Faridabad on main Kaghan Highway. Due to no road access from Faridabad to the school premises, tents were transported by mules. Local community members and students of high school showed their commitment and participated with zeal and zest in transportation of tents. KLWT team member with the help of teachers, community members and students put up the tents for Bhunja schools.

Annual Exams 2007
The educational activities were resumed after winter vacations in March 2007. After course completion, annual examinations in all schools held in June 2007.

KLWT’s Project Coordinator and members of Bhunja Rabita Committee participated in the annual result announcement ceremonies held at GHS, GBPS and GGPS – Bhunja on 30th June 2007. KLWT also distributed gifts amongst the position holders in all classes in each school.

Reconstruction of Government Girls Primary School – Bhunja:

KLWT start its reconstruction phase after the rubble clearance from the site of the three schools and BHU at Bhunja. For this purpose a comprehensive site plan along with layouts and drawings of the buildings were prepared. The plan was discussed in a meeting in December, 2006 with the Bhunja Rabita Committee (BRC).

In the meeting the owners of the Guzara forest (Bhunja Valley) decided that they will donate/ gift the required timber used for the reconstruction of these buildings. Major owners submit a request letter duly signed to the Divisional Forest Officer, Kaghan for the provision of legal Permit for the timber.

In January 2007, KLWT contacted with the Secretary Forest Department, NWFP to permit KLWT to receive the timber from the owners of Guzara Forest legally. KLWT also submit the detailed timber requirements with an undertaking that the timber will be only used for the mentioned Government Buildings destroyed by the October 2005, Earthquake.

In this scenario different meetings were held amongst KLWT, Owners and forest department officials. Forest Department officials also visited the site at Bhunja and met with major owners and conduct survey that what is the requirement and how much timber is available in Guzara forest. Finally forest department approve the donation request.

The construction of Government Primary School was started from June 2007 and work is in progress. KLWT is establishing a Girls Primary School for 200 children having six class rooms with separate rooms for the head teacher and staff.

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